William Shakespeare Day

Celebrating William Shakespeare Day in India

The Voices Online has been relentlessly trying to organize online events and programs to develop friendships among children of various nations with the objective of promoting international peace in future.

The English language is a globally accepted language that unites and connects people across the world and William Shakespeare is undoubtedly one of the most popular and celebrated writers who immensely contributed to the widespread popularity of the language, therefore Voices Online tried to popularize the idea of celebrating William Shakespeare Day in India by organizing an online event on 23rd April 2023,
by inviting Principals, Teachers and students of schools from various cities in India.

Eminent Educationists like Mr L.W. Hartnett, Mr John Bagul, Ms Kalyani Patnaik, Ms Joeeta Basu and many others participated in the event. The event was moderated by well-known English theatre actor and director Tathagata Chowdhury and Prof. Deborshi Barat.

Founder of Voices Online Adv. Ruhail Choudhury, and Technical head and Associate Editor Malay Mukherjee and many other important people attended the online event.

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