At a time when we are still cursing the brickbats of the new world order, or seeking the ‘positives’ , we can’t ignore the fact that it’s been a giant leap in technology for mankind. International peace, tolerance, inclusiveness, and acceptance of each other, is no more an academic concept or utopian philosophy but certainly a practice for existence. Realizing the need to implant the concept of international understanding especially in impressionable minds, GLOBAL ICON AWARD, 2020, was initiated. a brainchild of Advocate Ruhail Choudhury, made good use of the shrunk globe, by bringing together Global icons who shared views, expressed opinions on new age existence. The e-magazine, in its attempt to connect with students from all corners, irrespective of geography, ethnicity, practices, and beliefs, has been curating events where influencers (not necessarily intending to mean astronomical leagues of followers in various online platforms, but individuals who make a difference in the lives and thought process of young adults )have been recognized for their contributions, especially in the field of education.
The Global Icon Award, hosted by the e-magazine editor, Prof. Deborshi Barat, a an educator of Legal studies, an actor of repute, and a debater introduced the Global icons who shared their views on issues relating to international concerns which are meant to enlighten students.
His excellency, Freddy Svane, Danish Ambassador to India, Tanmoy Chakrabarty, CGO- Tata Sons, Anoop Bose, senior advocate, Supreme Court, His excellency, Ernest Rwamucyo, Ambassador from Rwanda, Narayan Patel, philanthropist and advisor to Oxford University, UK and Mr. Utpal Chatterjee, writer, social thinker along with James Strock, writer, advocate and advisor to the US Government were the Global icons who shared their views on international existence, especially in pandemic times.
The purpose to initiate the Global Icon Awards, 2020 was met since it was obvious from the evidence provided by the august gathering that what the young brigade has the responsibility to lead us in the arena of international peaceful existence because that’s the only answer to the existence of humans. An existence with humanity. This is where voice online delivers, messages not confined to textbooks but the practice prescribed from such engaging talks is meant for existence in the future.
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