Students of GSIS ran for promoting important social causes.

Simran Choudhury student of class IX shares her recent experience and research on Marathon and the important social messages being promoted through such evocative events.

Marathon has become very popular all over the world for promoting various social causes and it certainly excites people who are enthusiastic about fitness and long-distance running. India has been no exception, and Mumbai in particular has been witnessing numerous marathons in the last few decades. Most of us may not be much aware of the history and origin of marathons. Marathon was a small village in north-west Athens. Miltiade, a Greek general from Athens, suffered a serious defeat from the Persians on the plains of the marathon. This was in 490 BC. To share this news, a soldier ran a stretch from the battlefield of Athens. Most historians believe that the distance run by Phidipiddes, the soldier was around 42 km.

              It is around a month since I shifted from Kolkata to Mumbai. To start my ninth-grade classes I joined Gopal Sharma International School, Powai. This Saturday morning was extremely special as I could participate in a unique mini-marathon race organised by my school authorities for their students to promote some much-needed causes – ‘Save Water’, ‘Save Environment’ and ‘Unity’. Hundreds of students of the school participated in this exhilarating event. Ms.Gool Ghadiali, Director, Dr.Sunny Mathew, Principal, Ms.Maya John, Co-ordinator, and many teachers and staff were present and actively participated in the event to encourage and motivate the children.

              I am extremely impressed with this engaging and inspiring experience and to achieve the real objective of such an event, I am sharing the social messages that were brilliantly conveyed through the event with an expectation that many other students in their own innovative ways will surely try to inculcate and replicate the endorsement of such social causes and noble ideas.


Class IX – Sec D
Gopal Sharma International School, Powai. Mumbai.

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